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Online Homebuyer Education

To start the process of being prepared for homeownership and participate in the homeownership education online course, prospective homebuyers can access the online learning at or contact CHC at (904) 355-2837.

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Our Mission

To improve the quality of life and economic opportunities of low to moderate income individuals and families through development, management and preservation of affordable housing; by promoting neighborhood based education, economic development and advocating for social equality in our neighborhood and communities and maintaining their goals of homeownership.

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Financial Literacy

Financial education fosters financial stability for individuals and for the entire neighbourhoods and communities at large.  The more people know about credit and banking services, the more likely they are to change their spending habits which sustain homeownership, and improve their financial health and well being.  Our curriculum helps individuals and families build financial knowledge, develop financial confidence and use banking services effectively, and assist the un-banked in these neighbourhoods and communities to integrate into the world of banking.

CHC’S Financial Fitness workshops enable consumers to gain control of their money and finances. This program of education offered to individuals in a group session will educate consumers on the importance of financial fitness, equipping those individuals with knowledge to create a sound financial plan, make wise consumer decisions, set and achieve financial dreams/goals and recognize and avoid common consumer pitfalls. This program will teach individuals how to choose and use affordable bank services and products, save and invest, understand and use credit effectively.  All of which will help individuals to develop an effective financial plan. Individual sessions will be provided to develop personal action plans to overcome any financial challenges.

The path to financial stability is a phone call or click away!! Sign up today and take advantage of these programs:

Basic Financial Planning and Money Management
Teach consumers the steps in financial planning, and to develop knowledgeable consumers who can make wise financial decisions based on their income and expenses.

Saving and Investing

Teach those consumers how to set up a savings plan and open a savings account, as well as the benefits of investing.

Banks and Other Financial Institutions

Teach consumers how to shop for a bank and financial products.


Teach consumers about the wise use of credit

Taxes and Insurance

Inform consumers about how taxes affect financial plans and how insurance protects them against potential losses.

Individual Counseling Session

The personalized action plan to overcome financial challenges will assist individuals by helping those individuals determine and understand:

  • How to set up a financial plan, how to determine, implement and evaluate spending needs.
  • How to identify and verify household income and assets.
  • How to potentially save and or reduce debt, review a credit report and develop a manageable tracking system.