Online Classes

Online Homebuyer Education

To start the process of being prepared for homeownership and participate in the homeownership education online course, prospective homebuyers can access the online learning at or contact CHC at (904) 355-2837.

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Our Mission

To improve the quality of life and economic opportunities of low to moderate income individuals and families through development, management and preservation of affordable housing; by promoting neighborhood based education, economic development and advocating for social equality in our neighborhood and communities and maintaining their goals of homeownership.

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Pre-Purchase Counseling

CHC provides comprehensive home ownership assessments to help future homeowners determine if they are ready to own a home and get on their path to homeownership. Do you wonder if you will qualify for a mortgage?  Or how much house you can afford?  Are you confused about the home buying process?  Our certified housing professionals will help you determine if home ownership meets your lifestyle, help you determine mortgage affordability, review your credit report, and develop an action plan to overcome obstacles and achieve your homeownership goals.

This program is offered to individuals’ one-on-one giving the personalized attention deserved. Pre purchase counseling consists of various counseling components designed to fit individual needs as determined.  An individual counseling design may consist of a few or all of these sessions to help you overcome barriers in the following areas:

  • Budgeting Counseling – Guide consumer toward developing and managing a household spending plan, help customers develop an understanding of the importance of saving.
  • Credit Counseling – Help consumer develop a spending plan to save monies to pay old and unpaid debt. Help consumer to develop a strategy to address current and past credit obligations. Encourage the importance of timely payment of monthly obligation and responsible financial behavior.
  • Debt Reduction Counseling – Utilization of an automated debt reduction program to assist consumer in developing a plan for reducing outstanding debt.
  • Follow-up Counseling – Provide assistance; verify information, Follow-up session, track consumer progress, update counseling logs, updating customer program status: appointments, file close-outs, participants withdrawals.
  • Mortgage Loan Counseling – Provide a basic understanding of the Pre-qualification session, Loan documentation session, Pre-application Session, Mortgage Loan application session and Loan Document session.
  • Home Purchase Counseling- Prepare consumer for closing and reviewing of closing documents.
  • Insurance Counseling – Help consumer secure proper insurance coverage, refer consumer to homeowner’s insurance providers and review insurance policies to insure proper coverage.